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Returns & Warranty

Any Item purchased from me that develops a structural defect or defective finish will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the original purchaser.

A structural defect is any change in the piece, barring misuse or abuse, which renders the piece unusable.

Small cracks and checks, minor warping, and shrinkage are all normal characteristics of solid wood furniture built with wide boards.

The original purchaser is responsible for returning the pieces to the shop for replacement or repair.

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Many different choices await you in designing your Farm Table, Desk or elegant Formal Dining Table.

You are the creator in building your dream table. All work from length, height, width, color, wood type, thickness of tabletop, and number of boards are hand picked by you, for your furnishings.

"Building the Tables & Furniture
You Dream Of"

Choose to make an investment in a quality masterpiece handcrafted and custom built to your specifications using 18th & 19th century methods and 100+ year old barn and log house wood.

Heirloom quality furnishings that are built to last and passed down through the generations.

Choose an existing design such as pictured in our furniture Collections icon. You may
also get ideas from other books, Magazines or other pictures that may be adapted to
meet your Individual needs.

Stop in anytime and rub your hands across our 200 year old planks and let your imagination and dreams unfold.

Our first pledge is to superior quality. Only the finest wood and materials are used in the design and creation of your furniture. Each handcrafted piece is built specifically to meet our clients' needs, right down to the most intricate detail. We strive to create a partnership between our perspective clients and ourselves, in the hope that together we can create a long lasting relationship built on quality, trust and satisfaction.


All major credit cards accepted.
No interest payment plan available.
Call for specific shipping costs.

Most east coast deliveries within 350 miles are personally delivered. For other destinations your table or furnishing are wrapped, crated, and insured and are shipped directly to your front door.
Shipping cost average $400 or less to most U.S. destinations.

We encourage you to appreciate the nature of your wide board, hand crafted furniture and not repair the natural tendencies of these exquisite woods. Expansion, contraction, cracking, and warping can occur throughout the life of the piece due to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. Allowances are made during construction to preserve lifetime function without sacrificing authenticity.

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